How many websites have you looked at and closed 8 seconds later because it just didn't capture your attention?

…We didn’t think so. That’s because sites that are badly designed have unprofessional content, failing to capture the attention of your target market and generate maximum sales.

Here at NetBlots, we're not just another Melbourne web design agency. We create stunning, high quality websites no matter what. Every single one of our beautiful small business websites can be fully maintained and edited by you on any computer with an internet connection. Plus, best of all you won't even need to install special software for it or learn how to program!

All of our sites are built around 3 core principles; ease of use, pleasing aesthetics and functionality. Each of these key areas are equally important to the success of your website. That’s why all of our websites are packed full of added value on the top of the actual website to help you achieve all of your online marketing goals. We want to make sure you get what you’re looking for, so if our existing packages do not suit your needs we can easily tailor one just for you!

Contact us today on 1300 720 032 or by filling out the enquiry form on our Contact page to arrange a no-obligation local meeting with one of our reps to discuss what we can do to help you get your small business online!

Now ask yourself honestly if that is the sort of website that you want for your business.


What platforms do we use? We've chosen the following for many reasons:

Cube CMS, or content management system, is our own incredibly user friendly, placing the power of website manipulation in the hands of its owner: You! Our easy to use Cube CMS platform allows you to be in control of you content hour by hour, day by day, or month by month, including those sites that power online stores or exciting online tools that make their interaction with clients easier and more efficient.
View more about Cube CMS, or its mobile phone websites.


The second tier of CMS availability is Wordpress CMS, which is designed for users who prefer programmed and developed websites. This option is perfect for technologically savvy individuals and companies who know exactly what they are looking for in web design, and know how the programming should cater to their target audiences. You don’t have to be a genius to run Wordpress CMS, but you can reap the benefits of being one with its use!


Magento CMS is a perfect application for upper echelon ecommerce needs. Simply put, if your company is operating solely online, and is looking to gain an edge competitively in the ever-evolving online world, Magento is your go to application. When creative web design isn’t enough to set your online store apart from the others in your field, Magento can provide you with the ecommerce tools necessary to insure your site runs efficiently and effectively.