Premium+ marketing & web package

The ultimate marketing package to build your business on and offline!



Corporate Rebrand

Your corporate identity is highly important to the success of your marketing and your business. Our corporate rebrand will give you a powerful new identity to hit the market with! Includes a full style guide to help keep all of your marketing materials consistent.

Superior Business Cards and Letter Heads

Project quality to your prospects and clients with 5000 businesses cards* and 2000 letter heads on hand-picked superior stocks. Includes 3 initial design concepts of each and 2 revisions.

*Up to 5 separate employee business cards can be printed, utilising the same design.

4 Hour Photography Shoot

With professional photography of your products and services, you will soar above your competitors and their fuzzy, pixelated images. Included with all Premium sites is a 4 hour photoshoot and up to 30 photos fully edited.

360 Degree Panoramic Virtual Tour (if applicable)

Give your prospects an interactive 360 degree tour of the main area of your facility so that they can experience your service first hand. Interactive viewer allows for pan, tilt and zoom.

Promotional Video

Promote your products, services and business with a 90 second video clip designed to attract the attention of your target audience and encourage them to learn more about what you do. Includes customised soundtrack written just for your business.

One Way Vision Signage

Advertise your business no matter where you are on the road with full colour one-way-vision back window signage fully designed and installed on up to 3 company vehicles of your choice.

Initial SEO Analysis Report & 12 Months of SEO

Learn where exactly to focus your Search Engine Optimisation efforts with our complementary SEO Analysis Report, providing a detailed analysis of keyword relevance in your industry, your competitors, and their SEO strategies.

You will also receive 12 months of Search Engine Optimisation to really get your website ranked and noticed!

Keyword-Rich Copywriting

Don't know how to create suitable written content for your website? Our professional copywriting team will create you 8 full pages of copy focused on marketing your product or service to the right audience.

12 Marketing Consultations

Get ahead of the curve with a marketing consultation with our experts! Discuss and analyse your current marketing strategies and what you can do to improve upon them. Session length: 12 x up to 2 hour sessions.


Web Design and Content

Interactive Flash Banner

Immerse your clients in a full online experience with an engaging interactive Flash display.

Scrolling Flash Banner

Add colour and movement to your site design with a scrolling Flash banner, helping to really hook your viewers!

Four Unique Designs & Unlimited Revisions

No templates here! We create 4 website designs inspired by your company and stylistic preferences, with unlimited revisions to finalise the design to absolute perfection!

Page Population

Provide us the content for 16 of your pages and we will lay the the content out on your page, making the best use of space and design.

Professional Hi-Res Stock Images

Can't find what you're looking for in our image library? We'll include to up 15 additional hi-res professional stock images sourced from quality stock photography libraries suitable for your specific site needs.

Unlimited Additional Pages

Add as many additional pages as you like and populate them whenever you want!

Yearly Design Update

Keep up-to-date with latest design trends with a free yearly update to your site's design, all without having to buy a new website!

Custom FavIcon

Have a custom FavIcon added to your website to further customise what your clients see when they visit your site. This icon appears next to any browser tab or window which is currently displaying your site.



Routine Site Checks

Our team will routinely check your site content to ensure that any changes and additions you have made are optimised for web and error-free.

24/7 Email Support

If you run into any problems, simply email us night or day and we’ll get back to you within 12-24 hours.

System Training

In the comfort of your office, we will train you and your team on how to use our software so that you can fully maintain your website.


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