Sales Copywriting

Do you constantly find yourself wondering why your advertising materials don't seem to be making you any sales?

Anyone can write 'sales copy', but not everyone can write copy which actually sells. Without it, there's almost no point to spending copious amounts of money and resources on an advertisement.

Our copywriting service is designed with specific outcomes in mind. In order to reach these outcomes, our marketing experts will come to your place of business and sit down with you to ascertain:

  • your business goals,
  • what you hope to achieve with your marketing,
  • your unique selling proposition,
  • ...and all relevant information regarding your product or service.
    • Keyword rich copywriting for web, with particular emphasis on home page content which hooks the reader and encourages them to explore further into your site, is included in a number of our web and marketing packages. We can also provide a standalone copywriting service for any application, from web to print marketing and advertising, as well as phone and sales scripts.

Homepage Copy

Writing a successful homepage copy involves much more than simply outlining who you are and what you do. You typically only have about 10 seconds to attract the attention of your viewer with the content of your page before they simply go elsewhere. Therefore, it needs to be brief and directly address why the viewer specifically needs you.

This doesn't mean writing a flowery paragraph about how your customer service is better than everyone else and how friendly your staff are. It means really getting to the root of what issue has forced the viewer to seek out your service, lay it out for them boldly and state what it is that your service does to eliminate the issues.

You probably need to rethink the copy on your adverts!


Tailor Made Copywriting

Tailored copywriting for Search Engine Optimisation involves more than just throwing together long strings of keywords. In fact, it takes clever forethought and complete understanding of your business to make key-word rich content for SEO. The NetBlots team can do just this – drawing on a wealth of online knowledge and the ability to write content that suits your business perfectly!

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