• Professional Sales Copywriting Commands Results!

    If you want to successfully sell your product or service, then hiring a freelance writer would be a good marketing strategy. Some people are not sure whether they should try to handle the copywriting themselves or outsource it. Obviously hiring a quality copywriter is expensive, as you have probably noticed. However, it could definitely be worth it if you do not have a lot of experience.

    First of all, copywriting is the most critical factor in whether your product or service makes money. If you mess up the sales page, you can see a huge drop in conversion. Remember-no matter how good your product or service is, your leads do not know that beforehand. This is particularly true of somebody who has never bought anything from you, and this is their first interaction with you.

    Selling to new customers is extremely difficult, and it is actually the most difficult kind of selling there is. Front end marketing is much harder than backend, and if you do not have advertising knowledge than you definitely might want to consider hiring someone.

    A good copywriter can make a huge difference

    An average copywriter might be able to get a conversion rate of .5-1% from their sales page. However, an expert writer can often achieve conversion rates of 2% or more. This might not seem like a big deal, but the difference between a .5% conversion rate and a 2% is 400% more profits.

    Good copywriters will not just help you correct grammar mistakes. While your English teacher might have emphasized the importance of good grammar, this is not that important with sales letter. Sure, you do not want your sales letter to be filled with grammar errors, but there is a huge difference between being a good academic writer and a good sales writer.

    In other words, do not assume that since you can write a good article that you can write a good sales letter. This is not the case.

    But not all copywriters are worth hiring

    There is a huge difference between good and great copywriters. If you are ready to hire someone, here are 8 guidelines you want to follow to find the best:

    Ask to see their portfolio

    Nowadays many copywriters will have sample of their sales letters online. Viewing them can definitely tell you something about their knowledge of writing copy.

    Find out if the initial quote is final

    Sometimes copywriters will quote you a price, without factoring in the cost for revising it and making changes in the future. Other copywriters will include this in the final price. Finding this out beforehand is very important, so you know what to expect in the future. Also, ask if they will charge a royalty fee based on results.

    Ask to talk with satisfied customers

    If they are a quality copywriter, they should have not trouble referring you to happy customers.

    Ask about past results

    This is the most important question of all. Even if they have a good portfolio and happy customers, the results are the biggest determinant in whether it is worth using them.

    Find out when the project will get finished

    Some internet marketing copywriters are better about finishing on time than others, so make sure they will give you a prompt delivery rate.

    Consider going with a small business marketing copywriter

    There are many large copywriting companies out there, but often times they are juggling lots of different projects. If you go with a smaller copywriter, they might be able to give you more focused attention.

    Evaluate the questions they ask you

    The more questions they ask you upfront about your project, the better you can expect their work to be. This shows you they are taking an interest in your project, and are focused on helping you succeed.

    Ask if they offer SEO writing

    Some of the better copywriters will also offer good SEO optimized content for your website, and you might want to go with these services.


    Hiring a quality freelance writer is how to be effective in sales. Sure, it might be expensive upfront. However, even a small boost in conversion, sales and lead generation can mean dramatically higher profits for you down the road.